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Should You Become A Certified Self-Love Coach?

What Is A Self-Love Coach?


A Self-Love Coach is a leader, advocate, and mentor who empowers clients to fully accept and love themselves through wellness, self-inquiry, and personal transformation.
Being a coach means helping people become the very best version of themselves by confronting the limiting belief systems, habits, and blocks that are holding them back.
By centering the powerful framework of coaching in self-love, the transformational process allows for a deep appreciation and love for what is, while simultaneously motivating a desire for evolution and self-improvement.
A Self-Love Coach utilizes a combination of their innate intuition along with a comprehensive knowledge of wellness and psychological tools to usher their clients into a happier, healthier, and more magical state of existence. 
They walk bravely and purposefully through life, knowing they are meant to make the world a better place through empowering others to take charge over their own lives.
Above all, they understand that through healing themselves, they can heal the world.

Why We Need

85% of people suffer from low self-esteem


97% of women say they hate a part of their body


99% of people who hire a coach express satisfaction 

Our society teaches us that worth is directly connected to external appearances and achievements. It is our responsibility to change this by empowering others to love themselves unconditionally. 
The world needs more people to love themselves, and you can be at the forefront of this movement. By becoming a Self-Love Coach you are making a statement that you believe in the inherent worth of human beings and that we all deserve to love ourselves.
As a Self-Love Coach, you don't have to have perfect self-confidence or be "healed." In fact, through knowing what it's like to struggle with self-worth and self-doubt, you'll be able to have a deeper understanding of your clients.
While going through the certification process, you will undergo your own personal journey of healing and rebirthing the relationship you have with yourself.
You will learn our signature tools not from reading them in a textbook, but through implementing them in your own life. You will discover how to fully embody self-love so you can pass along your wisdom to your clients from a place of true understanding of the process.
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Is this your calling?

Self-Love Coaching Is For You If

♥︎ You want to make a living doing work you are passionate about and that helps others.

♥︎ You have a passion for wellness, personal development, and showing up as a leader. 

♥︎ You are excited about having an online business that allows you abundant financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom. 

♥︎ You are committed to doing your own inner work, because you want to show up as the best version of yourself for your clients.
"There is no exaggeration when I say this. Melanie, her amazing team, and The Self Love Lifestyle certification course are god sent!
This course has been, not only instrumental to my own coaching endeavors, but in my own personal growth and self-love journey as well. The love and support that you get not only from Melanie and her team but the other coaches apart of the course is unmatched. There are so many opportunities to connect with likeminded individuals and support one another! Not to mention that the opportunity to continue to invest and grow is everlasting.
I always say, it’s the course that keeps on giving. It will be one of THE best investments you’ll ever make in yourself!"
Karyn Gray, Self-Love Coach

The Self-Love Coach Certification Course

Our 7-month online course is comprised of pre-recorded video lectures, comprehensive worksheets, live group coaching, 1:1 coaching, coaching demonstrations, and an engaged and inspiring online community of hundreds of Self-Love Coaches.

Online Learning Portal

With 6 Modules, 100+ video lectures for coaching, business, and more, and 200 worksheets (for you to use with your clients too!)

Bi-weekly Group Calls

To connect with our community, create lasting friendships, receive support with your learning material, practice coaching, and more!

Private community

A gentle and soul-nourishing space filled with compassionate coaches and fellow trainees who will offer you support and cheer you on!

Monthly Community Calls

In our coaching community, which includes hundreds of graduates, you will have the opportunity to connect and network with our larger community.


Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to become a successful Self-Love Coach

Module 1

The Self-Love Roadmap

In Module 1 you will discover my proven coaching framework: The Self-Love Roadmap. This is the step-by-step system that I use with all of my clients at the start of their program and throughout their journey. You will learn how to personalize the roadmap for both yourself and your clients! Later, you will learn how to help your clients identify and transform limiting belief systems so they can easily cultivate healthier habits and take aligned action t their goals. Finally, you will learn all about manifestation and how to use this incredible tool that bridges psychology and spirituality so you can tap into creating your dream business and life with abundance.

Module 2

Body LoveIntuitive EatingBranding

In Module 2, you will learn all about Nutrition, Eating Psychology, Intuitive Eating, and more! Because true Self-Love comes from caring for oneself, this knowledge will give you all you need to guide yourself and your clients towards a healthier lifestyle – diet drama free! You'll understand how to create a healthier relationship with food so that healthier choices become easier to make. Finally, you'll learn about personal branding so you can begin to build your business as you go through the rest of the program!

Module 3

Womb WisdomTransformational ConsultationsSocial Media

In this module you'll understand how our hormonal health affects not only energy and emotions but also behavior. You'll understand how to identify common issues and guide your clients through making easy lifestyle changes to manifest optimal health and happiness. Then, you'll gain the tools to facilitate impactful consultation calls (including a list of the BEST questions to ask a client during a consultation!) You'll also learn how to start growing your following on social media so you can start attracting clients who will eventually pay for your services.

Module 4

Mindful MovementRituals & Spirituality Building a Beautiful Website

Module 4 will show you how to connect to and love the physical body through movement. Then, you'll get a crash course on energy healing and how to tap into this transformative modality. You'll then be introduced to rituals that will deepen the connection you and your clients have to the universe, your higher self, spirituality and more. Finally, you'll get an incredible tutorial on how to build your very own website for your business! 

Module 5

Advanced Coaching Techniques∙Archetypal Psychology∙Crafting a Program

This module will give you all my very best techniques and tools for coaching. You'll gain a vast understanding of Archetypal Psychology so you can go even deeper with your clients through their transformation. Finally, discover how to create and craft your signature program so you can set yourself apart and offer a program that is as unique as you!

Module 6

Marketing Mastery∙Facilitating Workshops & Group Programs∙Professionalism

In our final module, we will go deeper into building a business so you can finish the course feeling confident, connected, and with a clear vision of what comes next!



"My time with The Self-Love Lifestyle truly changed my life. From anchoring in my natural intuitive gifts to truly embodying self-love, I was able to be comfortable in my own skin again. I learned to love myself and life again after years of trauma.

Samantha Miland
, Self-Love Coach

"Working under Melanie was a literal transformative experience. I made decisions for myself I didn't know I could. Melanie & her team not only helped me see my worth, but the community became long-term friends that we still connect with even after the courseI am so thankful for going with my gut feeling & investing in Melanie at The Self Love Lifestyle."

Nina L. Gonzalez, Self-Love Coach


Your Investment

Becoming a coach requires an investment of time and financial resources. We understand that this can be a significant investment, but the transformation to your life and career is significant as well.
Our course graduates have even made back the cost of their tuition before graduating through coaching! 
In the program, you get to start your business halfway through, so that you too can have the opportunity to generate an income from coaching while you're still in training.

Pay in Full

$2,444 USD

Pay in full and save $1,300+
*when compared to our extended payment plan.

Magic tip: You can receive this discount *with* a payment plan by using Afterpay.


7 payments of

$487 USD

Our most popular payment plan!

Seven easy monthly payments begin upon enrollment.


11 Payments of

$344 USD

Our extended payment plan!

Perfect for our community members who need a little more time to complete their payment plan.


All Tuition Options Include the Following:

  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • 100% Online Learning Portal
  • Bonus Resource Library
  • Continuing Education + Support
  • Official Certificate Sent Upon Graduation
  • 7 Month Program
  •  6 Unique Learning Modules
  •  70+ Video Lectures
  •  200 Pages of Worksheets + Handouts
  • Monthly Call With Our Community of Hundreds of Coaches

Add-On Options For Up-Leveling Your Experience: 

Three Certifications In One Program

In addition to your certification as a Self-Love Coach, you will have the option to add on an additional certification in energy healing as a Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner (levels one and two!)  and our Ritual Facilitator Training at discounted rates!

Your Personal Self-Love Coach and Course Mentor

We have a phenomenal team of mentors who are available to coach you in 1:1 sessions for the duration of your program. You will have the opportunity to add on individual mentorship and coaching when you enroll!

Meet your guide

Melanie Monaco

Melanie Monaco is Master Self-Love Coach and Sacred Ritual Facilitator. She guides entrepreneurs and dreamers to overcome self-doubt and harness their power, so they can manifest abundant, authentic, and purposeful lives.

After many years of battling her body with disordered eating, Melanie began to heal her relationship with her body by dedicating herself to learning and practicing self-love. Over the course of a decade, she gathered certifications and attended trainings in coaching, archetypal psychology, embodiment and energy healing, spirituality, yoga and fitness, nutrition, Intuitive Eating, and more.

Through working with clients on their own self-love journeys, she refined and implemented her proven five-step system, The Self-Love Roadmap, which is a powerful coaching framework for guiding clients on the path of self-love. 

After being asked by members of her community to mentor aspiring coaches and teach them how to utilize The Self-Love Roadmap with their own clients, The Self-Love Coach Certification Course was born. The Self-Love Coach Certification Course has trained hundreds of students, providing them with a program that is not only transformational for their coaching businesses, but also for their own self-love journeys as well. 

Meet Your Team Of Coaches

Liz Carlin

Holy Fire Reiki Master, Course Facilitator, Certified Self-Love Coach

specialties: energy healing, shadow work, trauma and inner child healing, intuitive development, emotional alchemy

Alycia Marks

Motivational Speaker, Course Facilitator, Certified Self-Love Coach, Marketing and Social Media Coach

specialties: people pleasing, marketing, social media, video production, body positivity

Carling Rose

Meditation and Breathwork Coach, Course Facilitator, Certified Self-Love Coach

specialties: diving feminine healing, self-expression, nervous system regulation, meditation and breath work, somatic embodiment

Amar-Ishprit Kaur

holistic wellness practitioner, registered nurse, certified self-love coach, an intuitive and energy healer

specialties: psychology, mysticism, embodiment, energy healing, light work

Massey Armistead

Life + Mindset Coach, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Published Author, Certified Self-Love Coach

specialties: self love, body image, movement, confidence and much mores

Sariah Latu

Master Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Certified Self-love Coach, 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Facilitator, Youth Leader,  Mom
Specialties: Family Dynamics, Generational Trauma, Healthy Coping Skills, Mindfulness

Ready to manifest the life of your dreams and help others too?

Here's How Coaching Works...


The coach helps the client identify the limiting belief systems, habits, and stories that are holding the client back from manifesting their goals. 


Using proven wellness practices and psychological tools, the coach assists the client through transforming pain into purpose. The client integrates the new practices, tools, and habits into their life.


With guidance and accountability from the coach, the client breaks through mental blocks, limiting circumstances, and self-doubt by taking aligned action towards their goals.

As a coach, you can customize your programs based on your unique interests, specialities, and passions! The amazing thing about becoming a coach and business owner is that you have variety of career opportunities for how you can share your knowledge.

You can host 1:1 programs, group programs, or retreats, you can write books, create courses, or become a motivational speaker... the sky's the limit with how you can manifest your dream life and business!


Our money-back guarantee

Try our program for 7 days, risk-free

With hundreds of happy graduates, we feel confident that this training course is going to offer you an incredible experience. However, we know that life can sometimes get in the way and that this program might not be for everyone. If within the first seven days of the program, you decide that it's not for you, or not the right time, no worries. Just send us an email and we will refund your tuition.

Check out this interview with Self-Love Coach & graduate of our program Ashton Williams!

Here is some of what she shared about how she overcame self-doubt on her journey to becoming a Self-Love Coach:

If you stay stagnant, if you stay where you are right now, chances are you're not going to grow. Then in 5 years or 10 years, you're going to be like "I had this big opportunity, but I threw it all away because I was scared" …

My piece of advice for people who want to begin this wonderful, beautiful, magical journey is just to do it. If it's in your mind and you've been going back and forth like "Should I do it? Is this worth it?" Yes, it most definitely is worth it and you're going to get so much out of that program.” 
- Ashton, @lovethedivinegoddesswithin


"I loved completing my Self-Love Certification with Melanie. I felt incredibly supported throughout the whole experience and I have made some life long friendships with the other coaches I met in the program. I highly recommend it to everyone! "

Madelaine, Self-Love Coach


"My experience during the certification course was amazing. I was still early into my self-love journey so when I came across this program I knew this would be for me. I learned so many new things about the true meaning of self-love, and so many new tools and coping methods. I met wonderful people who always made me feel heard and supported. Most importantly, this course helped me learn to love myself even in the most difficult times in my life." 

Sara Foster, Self-Love Coach

Check out this interview with Self-Love Coach & graduate of our program, Ajoinette Keyes!

Here is what she wrote to us about her journey to becoming a Self-Love Coach:

This program came at the perfect time before joining I was at my lowest mentally, physically, and emotionally. With this program, I have learned so much about myself and what I’m called to do. Being introduced to so many new beliefs and knowledge that doesn’t always come from the community I grew up in. I’ve embraced myself!"

Anjoinette Keyes, @womenwithanxiety

Are you ready to manifest a business and life you love?


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this interview with Self-Love Coach & graduate of our program, Jasmine Monk!

Here is some of what she shared about her time in our program:

“{The program was} so expansive. It came on my path at exactly the right time that I needed it. I was in the early stages of doing sessions and my confidence was building ... and that was a huge focus for me, while I was learning to support, guide, and coach others, it {the program} supported me to come into my power, to open my throat chakra, and to feel more confident.” 

- Jasmine, @iamleorising

Check out this interview with Self-Love Coach Megan!

Here is what she wrote to us about her journey to becoming a Self-Love Coach:

“The Self Love Lifestyle Certification Program has truly been a life altering experience for me. Being coached myself has given me all the tools and practices to help support and inspire my own future clients. I've overcome so many limiting beliefs and I can now truly step into my role as a self love coach as well.

This program is great for people who know they are meant to serve & help other people. If you feel it in your soul that this is what you're meant to do then I highly recommend Melanie's certification course!"

-Megan Meagher, @lovingmeformejourney


Real talk, my friend

It's time to follow your heart.

We all know how scary it can be to take a leap of faith. But we know the antidote to fear, and that is love.

So, if you're feeling a calling to become a Self-Love Coach, but you are experiencing uncertainties and doubts, I want to invite you now to tune into your heart. Notice how your body responds to this path... do you feel excited? Maybe some butterflies? Does something "just feel right?" When thinking about embarking on this journey, do you feel a sense of love?

If so, allow that love to guide you forward, trusting that you deserve to manifest the visions you have for your life. And the good news is that you don't have to do it alone!

Here's what's waiting for you once you begin:

  • A community of hundreds of open hearted individuals just waiting to be your new best friend.
  • A learning portal filled with video lectures and topics that will give you the tools and resources to deepen your self-love journey and build a business that is deeply purposeful and wildly abundant.
  • Mentors and guides who have been where you have been, and have paved the way for you to claim your power and manifest your dreams. 

If you're ready to say "YES!" to this magical path, click the button below to apply today!

I'm ready!