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Should You Become A Self-Love Coach?

Do you have a calling to...

Create a purposeful career that transforms lives?

Have a business that allows you to work from anywhere in the world?

Immerse yourself in wellness, self-development, and empowerment?

A Self-Love Coach is a leader, advocate, and mentor who empowers clients to fully accept and love themselves through wellness, self-inquiry, and personal transformation.
Being a coach means helping people become the very best version of themselves by confronting the limiting belief systems, habits, and blocks that are holding them back. 
By centering the powerful framework of coaching in self-love, the transformational process allows for a deep appreciation and love for what is, while simultaneously motivating a desire for evolution and self-improvement.
A Self-Love Coach utilizes a combination of their innate intuition along with a comprehensive knowledge of wellness and psychological tools to usher their clients into a happier, healthier, and more magical state of existence. 
They walk bravely and purposefully through life, knowing they are meant to make the world a better place through empowering others to take charge over their own lives.
Above all, they understand that through healing themselves, they can heal the world.
Our society teaches us that worth is directly connected to external appearances. It is our responsibility to change this by empowering others to love themselves unconditionally. 
If we spent half the amount of time obsessing over our bodies and fueling our minds with negative self-talk, and instead used that time and mental space on bettering the world... can you imagine how different our planet would be?
The world needs more people to love themselves, and you can be at the forefront of this movement. By becoming a Self-Love Coach you are making a statement that you believe in the inherent worth of human beings and that we all deserve to love ourselves.
As a Self-Love Coach, you don't have to have a perfect self-image. In fact, through knowing what it's like to struggle with self-worth, self-doubt, and body-anxiety, you'll be able to have a deeper understanding of your clients.
While going through the certification process, you will undergo your own personal journey of healing and repairing the relationship you have with yourself and your body.
You will learn our signature tools not from reading them in a textbook, but b implementing them in your own life. You will discover how to fully embody self-love so you can pass along your wisdom to your clients from a place of true understanding of the process.
♥︎ You want to make a living doing work you are passionate about and that gives back.
♥︎ You have a passion for wellness, personal development, and helping others. 
♥︎ You are excited about having an online business that allows you abundant financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom. 
♥︎ You are committed to doing your own inner work, because you want to show up as the best version of yourself for your clients.


Class Starts November 1st, 2022!

  • 7 Month Program
  • 6 Unique Learning Modules
  • 70+ Video Lectures
  • 200 Pages of Worksheets + Handouts
  • Bi-Weekly Live Q+A Calls
  • One 1:1 Coaching Call Per Month
  • 100% Online Learning Portal
  •  Bonus Resource Library
  • Continuing Education + Support
  • Official Certificate Sent Upon Graduation
In addition to your certification as a Self-Love Coach, included in your training is the opportunity to receive an additional certification in energy healing as a Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner (levels one and two!) 
This additional certification is valued at over $500.00 and included in your program at no extra cost.

Take A Look Inside The Program:

In Module 1 you will discover my proven method: The Self-Love Roadmap. This is the step-by-step system that I use with all of my clients at the start of their program and throughout their journey. You will learn how to personalize the roadmap for both yourself and your clients! Later, you will learn how to help your clients identify and transform limiting belief systems so they can easily cultivate healthier habits and take aligned action towards their goals. Finally, you will learn all about manifestation and how to use this incredible tool that bridges psychology and spirituality so you can tap into creating your dream business and life with abundance.

In Module 2, you will learn all about Nutrition, Eating Psychology, Intuitive Eating, and more! Because true Self-Love comes from caring for oneself, this knowledge will give you all you need to guide yourself and your clients towards a healthier lifestyle – diet drama free! Through this module you'll understand how to create a healthier relationship with food, so that healthier choices become easier to make. Finally, you'll learn about personal branding so you can begin to build your business as you go through the rest of the program!

In this module you'll understand how our hormonal health affects not only energy and emotions, but also behavior. You'll understand how to identify common issues and guide your clients through making easy lifestyle changes to manifest optimal health and happiness. Then, you'll gain the tools to start building your following on social media so you can start attracting the clients who will eventually pay for your services! 

Module 4 will show you how to connect to and love the physical body through movement. Then, you'll get a crash course on energy healing and how to tap into this transformative modality. You'll then be introduced to rituals that will deepen the connection you and your clients have to the universe, your higher self, spirituality and more. Finally, you'll get an incredible tutorial on how to build your very own website for your business! 

This module will give you all my very best techniques and tools for coaching. You'll gain a vast understanding of Archetypal Psychology so you can go even deeper with your clients through their transformation. Finally, discover how to create and craft your signature program so you can set yourself apart and offer a program that is as unique as you! 

In our final module, we will go deeper into building a business so you can finish the course feeling confident, connected, and with a clear vision of what comes next!

For those who are unfamiliar with the practice, Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing and stress reduction that allows a practitioner to use life force energy to remove physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages from the body.

Even if you are trained in another lineage of energy healing, Holy Fire is a powerful energy upgrade that can further strengthen your abilities in a session!

Receiving this certification will place you with Holy Fire III Reiki Levels 1 & 2, allowing you to perform energy healing in person as well as at a distance.

 In This Training You Will:

  • Learn the history of Reiki practice

  • Learn how to prepare and conduct a Reiki session for yourself and others

  • Learn to balance the chakras, as well as other Japanese healing techniques

  • Receive an in-depth guide of energetic anatomy
  • Learn how to use crystals in your healing practice

  • Learn 3 Reiki symbols to strengthen and specify the energy

  • Receive special insight from Liz about how and why using Reiki in your coaching practice can have maximum impact on your clients

  • Have practice sessions to send and receive Reiki with your peers
  • Receive 2 healing experiences as well as 2 Placements that will allow you to perform Reiki in person and at a distance

In this certification, you will be trained by Liz, our in-house Reiki Goddess! 


Ready To Become A Self-Love Coach?


Hear From Course Graduates!

Becoming a coach requires an investment of time and financial resources. We understand that this can be a significant investment, but the transformation to your life and career is significant as well.
Our course graduates have even made back the cost of their tuition before graduating through coaching! 
In the program, you get to start your business halfway through, so that you too can have the opportunity to generate an income from coaching while you're still in training.













Frequently Asked Questions

The program will run for 7 months. 

In order to be accepted to the program, you need to submit an application. If you wish to apply or join the waitlist for the next enrollment period, click any of the "Apply Now" buttons on this page.

The course may take you between 3 and 10 hours every week, depending on the week and how much extra work you put into the program. If you just watch the video lectures (which is fine!), you will likely spend between 3-5 hours every week. You will have recommended practices and readings as well, but they won't be mandatory.

We created this program with the intention of serving even the busiest babes! 

If you wish to receive your certification, then yes. If you want to take the course simply for self-development reasons, then no! 

There will be one multiple-choice or written test per month that will be graded on a pass/fail basis. You will have the chance to retake each test once.

The final week of each month is the "catch-up week" without any content being sent your way, so you can catch up on the video lectures if needed. 

For special cases, you may be able to request to pause your program, though your payment schedule must remain the same. You will have lifetime access to the curriculum and can return to the program anytime.

You will actually be encouraged to start seeing clients while you are in the program as a part of your coaching practicum! You will be required to complete four demo sessions in order to graduate, and will be instructed on how to do this at the end of month 3.

After you finish your demo sessions and they are approved, you will be given a pre-certificate that you can utilize to start seeing paid clients! Because of this, it is 100% possible to actually make back your investment before the course is over. 

Your pricing structure will be entirely up to you, but we will instruct you on the market averages and how to uplevel from there. Much of the work we will do at the end of the course will be around self-worth and money mindset, and knowing your value will be critical as you set your pricing. The average Self-Love Coach may charge anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 per program or offering. Top-level coaches make upwards of 6 figures a year.

Yes, our program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Continuing Coach Education program. Upon completing our graduation requirements, you will receive a certificate that meets ICF standards for CCE credits. If you have questions, please email us at [email protected]

Yes! Once you finish the program having passed the assessments and coaching practicum, you will receive a digital certificate, which you can print out if you wish.

Please scroll up to the previous section to see our tuition cost and payment plan options. 

If you find that our payment plans are still out of budget, send us an email at [email protected] to inquire about our extended payment plans.

We do offer a scholarship program via a separate application process. 

The scholarship program is very in demand at this time. Because of this, we encourage those interested in the program to apply if this is the only way you'll be able to attend the course, as when we allocate scholarship funds to one participant, it means that other future applicants may not have access to the program.

Because of the demand on this program, we do not offer full scholarships - we can only offer partial scholarships at this time and it is based on what is available in our fund and how many participants need financial support.

Of course! If you start the program and realize that becoming a Self-Love Coach isn't for you, then you can apply for a refund. In order to qualify, you will send in a refund application, and then we will refund the money back to your credit card. You have seven days from the program start to request a refund. After that time, refunds and course withdrawal are no longer available.

If you wish to take the program simply as a personal development course, that is entirely okay! In this case, you won't have to complete the tests or coaching practicum. This program will be transformational for you regardless, as you will be implementing these tools into your own life as we go through the 7 months.

Our Reiki Certification is included in your program at no additional cost!

You do not have to pursue the Reiki Certification to graduate as a Self-Love Coach, but if you so choose to become a Reiki Practitioner, you will not need to pay any additional fees!

Most Reiki Trainings Levels 1 & 2 are over $500, so this is a huge value included to your program at no additional cost to you.

Simply send an email to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you asap!

How Coaching Works...

The coach helps the client identify the limiting belief systems, habits, and stories that are holding the client back from manifesting their goals. 

Using proven wellness practices and psychological tools, the coach assists the client through transforming pain into purpose. The client integrates the new practices, tools, and habits into their life.

With guidance and accountability from the coach, the client breaks through mental blocks, limiting circumstances, and self-doubt by taking aligned action towards their goals.

As a coach, you can customize your programs based on your unique interests, specialities, and passions! The amazing thing about becoming a coach and business owner is that you have variety of career opportunities for how you can share your knowledge.

You can host 1:1 programs, group programs, or retreats, you can write books, create courses, or become a motivational speaker... the sky's the limit with how you can manifest your dream life and business!

Ready To Become A Self-Love Coach?

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